It is about you, and improving your personal fitness with a plan based on your level and fitness goals in a supportive group environment.

It’s amazing how you can benefit not only physically but mentally from this experience as well. It can be genuinely life changing.

See your fitness improving efficiently with a personal training mentor session. You will learn all of the techniques you need to continue your fitness journey.
You will be amazed at how much fitter and better you feel with lots of varied group fitness training sessions that actually work.

Discover how motivated you get when training in a group, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
There is nothing stopping you from reaching your fitness goals with access to comprehensive gym and training equipment.

Improve fitness faster and more efficiently with proven advanced fitness techniques, taught to you by top fitness professionals.

You don´t have to worry about what you eat, we design and include a meal plan devised by a dietitian to help compliment your goals.

Discover new ways to stay fit trying other sports as well, like Aerobics, Kick boxing & Yoga (no extra costs).

There is no limit to how much you can train with Unlimited Gym Access 6 days a week.

Hit the pool with pool training sessions.

Tailored to your schedule with long-term (1 year) or short term (6 Months) options. How much do you want to achieve?

You can invest in your health as this is one of the best value gym out there. Can you afford not to take part?

We will teach you the techniques you need to get you fit and healthier and stronger as fast and efficiently as possible.

Fitness programs

Personal Training Privacy With Special Area Group Training Yoga Zumba
Video Spinning Pool Aerobics Crossfit Swimming Belly Assesment
Wightloss Program Vip weight loss program Body Asssment Flying yoga Kick Boxing
Trx Nutrition Program Boot camp Power Steps Body Pump
Cardio Kick Mma Btl Pilates Antigravity
Boxing Total Abs Arabic Arobics Trampoline Hiit
Swiss Ball Body Attack Rpm Body combat Core
Lbt Hbx Strong Body Balance Sauna Steam