Sometimes, when it comes to fitness you feel you are just pushing a big stone up the hill. We all know we need to devote more time to our fitness and general well-being, but it’s so damn hard. Lack of time and let’s face it lack of willpower are two major motivation killers. Well, no more. We have your back. We have set up the ultimate training environment, set in a cross-fit area, where we push our clients to do great things. You can do better, and you probably should get fitter. So do it now, there really is nothing stopping you.Achieve more and hit those fitness goals with 100% support. It’s easier than you think, you’ve just got to commit to it.


1) To be the top fitness facility by creating a community where women feel comfortable, supported and encouraged.
2) Achieving excellence in the provision of instruction, programs, service, and facility management.
3) Treating members with respect.
4) Doing the right thing all the time.